Nonoro NFT

Nonoro NFT

The coupled suns were shining more than ever, the blue one was smaller and farther away than usual. The colorful rainbow was dazzling and made the forest mystical. The marshmallow river was surrounded by cupcakes and chocolate trees. On a hot summer day, marshmallows changed shapes and colors, some yellowish, some green, some big, and some small. At the bottom of the river, you could see them starting crawling out and becoming Nonoro. This was the best habitat for Nonoros because they can only survive on cupcakes and chocolate. If you push their belly button, they become your companion. So our mission is to become their companion on Ethereum Mysterious forest.



Nonoros are the ambassador of happiness, kindness, love, peace, and care.

Phase 1

Nonoro will be born and revealed.

Phase 2

discord and website upgrade.

Phase 3

Nonoro is here to make you smile, they will donate 1.5% to support a charity of Nonoro fam choice.

Phase 4

Instagram AR filter, Nonoro Stickers, Nonoro STL file for 3d printing.

Phase 5

Nonoro will donate 1.5% to #TeamSeas (an ocean clean-up charity) during the Nonoro's holder event.

Nonoro NFT
are kawaii creatures

The first full-body hybrid 2D/3D style collectible creatures on Ethereum. Metaverse ready avatar NFTs coming soon.

Nonoro NFT


We are Nonoros
Nonoros are us


What are Nonoro NFTs?

The Nonoro is a collection of 260 generative full-body 3D creatures on Etheruem, hand-painted and modeled by artists Sara, Shiva, and Elias. Nonoros are kawaii creatures who celebrate the beauty of The Mysterious Forest. They live in a hidden sanctuary in the forest, no one has ever seen any of them. It is said, there is an old shredded smart contract map that might help us find them in the Ether. If you want to lure them in, bring Cupcakes or candy.

What kind of art have we used for Nonoro?

We created the assets and characters using a combination of 3d and 2d techniques. More than 50 traits with 9 attributes.

Wen pre-sale and what is the minting structure?

The pre-sale mint will be on the 18th of January.
There will be 266 Nonoro NFTs available for pre-sale and a maximum of 10 Nonoro NFTs per whitelisted wallet in pre-sale.
Be sure that you get yourself whitelisted, to be able to mint in pre-sale.

How to be eligible for the pre-sale?

You can register to get whitelisted on a google form, It started on the 28th of December until the 16th of January.